Dear guests,
We would like to inform you that Turism Lotus Felix S.A. implements all general and specific prevention measures for receiving tourists and making the stay safely, based on joint orders issued by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Economy and Business Environment, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, ANSVSA, Ministry of Environment. For the health safety of our tourists, additional measures have been taken to prevent and combat contamination with the Covid-19 virus.

General preventive measures for the reception of tourists and assuring safety conditions for the stay

  • The rooms are sanitized daily, and after each release of the room additional disinfection operations are performed
  • For cleaning and sanitation, we use products certified by the Ministry of Health

Public spaces
  • Common areas are frequently disinfected by dedicated staff
  • We placed carpets impregnated with disinfectant solutions
  • Biocidal disinfectant dispensers are available in common areas
  • We sanitize the luggage storage area

Balneary treatment and Wellness&SPA
  • The access to the procedures is made with prior appointment, so that there are no people waiting inside the premises. A social distance of 2 meters is provided
  • The spaces are ventilated after each procedure
  • The equipment and work tools are disinfected after each customer
  • Cabinets are equipped with containers with disinfectant
  • Access is made only with the special slippers provided in the room

  • Access to the restaurant is made wearing a protective mask and meeting the requirements of the epidemiological surveillance
  • The space is vented frequently
  • Disinfectant containers are available on each table
  • Meals served as a Swedish Buffet are assisted by the restaurant staff, between certain time frame (tourists set their option at check-in)

  • The lounge chairs are located at a distance of 2 m (left/right/front/back) between people from different families
  • The lounge chairs are disinfected before and after each use with approved biocidal products
  • As far as possible, separate unidirectional input/output corridors are set

Social distancing
  • Lines of social distance markers and traffic corridors were placed

  • Hotel staff follow the rules of epidemiological triage

Mandatory conduct of tourists in the hotel to prevent and combat infection with Covid-19
  • At the entrance to the hotel, before the epidemiological triage, tourists disinfect their hands and shoes and wear a protective mask. People who do not have a mask can purchase it from the reception/cashier
  • The temperature measurement with the thermal scanner performed at the entrance to the hotel is done by the medical staff. If the recorded temperature does not exceed 37.3° C and shows no respiratory symptoms, the access is allowed. If the recorded temperature is higher than 37.3° C, the procedure is repeated after 2-5 minutes of rest and if the temperature is still higher than 37.3° C and/or the person has respiratory symptoms, he will not be allowed access to the premises and Puplic Health District Authoroty Bihor County shall be notified.
  • Wearing a protective mask in all indoor spaces
  • Check-in and check-out procedures will be carried out respecting the distance according to the markings on the floor.
  • At check-in and check-out, the Covid-19 self-declaration is filled in. We reserve the right to refuse accommodation if you do not wish to fill in the self-declaration.
  • Access in elevators is for a maximum of 3 people at a time (family members are recommended)
  • Room visits are prohibited. Visits and meetings are made only in the lobby, respecting the rules of social distance.
  • Throughout their stay, guests must respect all general and specific preventive measures in accordance with internal health safety procedures.

Lotus Therm SPA & Luxury Resort

“Relaxation and recovery are brought to perfection in the only 5-star thermal resort in Romania. Each element is specifically designed to remind you every moment that, for us, you are a valuable customer. Absolute comfort, in a luxuriant ambiance. Brilliance, pure elegance, relaxation transforming in recovery, refreshment and rejuvenation.

This is the promise of Lotus Therm Spa & Luxury Resort!”


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417500, Romania, EU

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